It’s the story of two twins. One of them is ready to spend an afternoon on the riverside with his mates until he is confronted with an extreme situation that will force him to decide if he will fight for his friends or for his brother.
Directror: Alexan Kevork Sarikamichian

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Director: Alexan Kevork Sarikamichian
Lifelong friends, from the neighborhood or maybe friends who just met by chance. Real moments from regular guys. They feel small regarding their environment until they increasingly become the main protagonists of their own stories.

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COSMOS (2016)

Written, directed & produced by the very talented Alexan Sarikamichian, here is ‘Cosmos’, a beautiful short film & stills about three friends spending a weekend in the woods together, inspiring true feelings to arise. Alcohol, sexual encounters, fights, jealousy & love are all part of the same universe.

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Locked Up
Locked Up - watch online - hot!!!