Trevor (1994)

Upon hitting puberty, a high school boy realizes that he is homosexual and faces prejudice from his homophobic parents and friends.
Directed by Peggy Rajski. Starring Brett Barsky, Judy Kain, John Lizzi.

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Boys On Film 4

Boys On Film has done it again, these short films show how queer film-making has established itself for the past decade.
Each story is different from each other, intelligent and enjoyable. Well done!

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Steam (2009)

Short about two men (Julien Zeitouni and Scott Hislop) alone in a steam room. They have oral sex and then one gets up to leave.
Director: Eldar Rapaport

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Heiko (2008)

A 70-year old aesthete is in a relationship with a young man named Heiko. It is a fetishist relationship taken to extreme exoticism.
Director: David Bonneville

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Wrestling (2007)

A love story about two gay wrestlers living in rural Iceland who must keep their relationship a secret from the inner world of Iceland’s national and very macho sport. Director: Grímur Hákonarson

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Locked Up
Locked Up - watch online - hot!!!