Formula 17 (2004)

Tien is a gay guy looking for love, unlike all the other gay guys he knows, he’s a virgin, who’s saving himself for love. On his first night in town he sees Bai, the number one gay playboy. Who seems more interested in sex then love. Bai believes he is cursed to never find love, because any relationship he has end badly. And because of this he becomes a one night stand only guy. But soon they see each other more often, at the gym where Tien works, on the street. And they slowly start to fall in love. One night they have sex and this takes Bai emotions for a turn for the worst, and sends Tien to question love on all levels when a friend of Bai’s says that Bai said ” he hopes you don’t misunderstand” the morning after when Bai has went to his friends house. Will they be together? Will they both believe in love again?

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