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ADONIS Adapted Short Film 2014 from Curtis James Salt on Vimeo.

Best Shorts Competition
Adonis is a short film adaptation loosely based on it’s feature length script (placing in the top 100 dramas at the International Screenwriting Awards 2013). In 2012 footage was shot to edit together as a trailer to represent the script however with over 15 hours of footage it has been altered to showcase it’s own non-narrative story about it’s characters (focussing on two twin brothers) and the danger one of them puts everyone in by pursuing the sport of bodybuilding by any means necessary.

Two estranged twin brothers destined to compete against each other in a upcoming bodybuilding competition, reconcile their differences through the help of their loved ones. Unaware they are both being preyed upon by an obsessed sociopath determined to ensure that only ONE of the brothers wins against the other.
Director: Curtis James Salt
Writter: Curtis James Salt
Genre: Short movie
Country: USA
Year: 2014
Duration: 17 min

Stars: Adam Rose, Ashley-Sarah Price, Shannon Muhs, Brad Hemesath, Christian Matyi, Matthew Eriksen, Jordan Mitchell Love, Brianne Cordaro, Garrett Berna, Amy DeMar, Michelle Banning, James Donnelly, Christopher Powers




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