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HeartlandHeartland (2007)

Director: Mark Christopher
Writer: Mark Christopher
Genre: Short movie
Country: USA
Language: English
Year: 2007
Duration: 10 min


Stars: Corey Sorenson, Lachlan Nieboer and Marvin Naftal





Great soundtrack and picture quality, but contrived plot
by Gordon-11 (Hong Kong) – IMDB

l (1)This film is about a man from the heartland of America, having a great life in New York. When he goes back home, he faces the consequences of being gay in his hometown.

In just the first minute, “Heartland” strikes me as being a well produced film. It has a fun way of presenting the introduction by using still photos. The music is upbeat, suiting the New York city lifestyle, contrasting the quiet village life. The best thing is the sharp quality of the picture, which is not a frequent occurrence with low budget shorts. The story itself is not particularly engaging, and the ending is rather contrived.

I enjoyed watching “Heartland” because of the upbeat soundtrack and the presentation of the story.

Heartland (2007)

  • Runtime:10 minutes

  • Actors:

    HG Gudmanson
    Corey Sorenson
    Ryan McGonagle
    Lachlan Nieboer
    Thor Gudmanson
    Marvin Naftal
    JP Sarni
    Kevin McGonagle
    Tyler Tooley
    Maddie McGonagle
    Hayley Naftal
    Brenda McGonagle
    Leah Naftal
    Margot Bishop
    Deborah Dir
    Taylor Gwinn
    Chantal Perron

  • Rating: (176 votes)


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