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Lucky Blue (2007)

Director: Ella Lemhagen, Håkon Liu, Hĺkon Liu
Writers: Håkon Liu
Genre: Romance, Short, Short Movie
Country:  Sweden
Language: Swedish
Duration: 28 min
Year: 2007

Stars: Tobias Bengtsson, Tom Lofterud, Britta Andersson, Johan Friberg, Michaela Berner

Kako ste preživjeli prvi poljubac? Koliko ljudi toliko priča!
Prvi poljubac sam doživio kad sam imao 13 godina  sa jednim starijim rođakom na tavanu njegove kuće. Ne sjećam se više toga ali sam bio dobar učenik i zaista sam uživao u tome.

Ovaj kratki film me oduševio prikazom dva tinejdžera koja nisu u stanju da definišu osjećaje jedan prema drugom. Stid, zaljubljenost, neiskustvo..
Za sve treba malo vremena da se savlada. [David Hall]

As sweet and tender as they come, this delightfully laid-back piece from Sweden tells the tale of a teenager’s first gay crush.

Only in this instance it all revolves around karaoke, with karaoke King and Queen, Kjelle and Barbro ever keen on staging a show for their caravan style campers, regardless of whether they want it or not. Not that Kjelle’s shy son Olle relishes the sound of an instrumental backing track, preferring to fix the stage lights, rather than be under the spotlight himself. Only this time around something is different. For could it be that the arrival of Kevin, Barbro’s cute nephew, has inspired Olle to perform a song from the heart?

From the director who gave us the ever so dark story of Nights In Love, comes this touching tale of boys in love. Only these boys are hardly out to themselves, let alone to each other, with Tobias Bengtsson as Olle perfectly displaying the emotions of an introverted youth who wants to express his heartfelt desires to the new boy about camp, but whose words, don’t come easy.

For here, writer and director Håkon Liu has injected many a telling sign into his work, not least of which is a title that refers to a pet canary queer and scared of people, but equally reflects the feelings of the two young men; queer and scared of people knowing their true sexuality. That Liu delights in the scenario, sees Tom Lofterud as Kevin going as hot and cold on Olle as a faulty boiler, much to the furore of Britta Andersson who as worldly wise Barbro, knows just what’s going on between the boys.

In short, it is emotions that speak volumes here, rather than words, in a mini-feature that perfectly captures the tentative steps that two young men take on the gay path of life. And whilst the story is a simple one, it is beautifully shot and told, with the raw passion of gay first love handled in an uplifting way. Need more be said?


Lucky Blue (2007)
  • Director: Håkon Liu
  • Writers:
    Håkon Liu
  • Country:Sweden
  • Genres:Short, Romance
  • Runtime:28 minutes
  • Actors:
    Tobias Bengtsson
    Tom Lofterud
    Britta Andersson
    Johan Friberg
    Michaela Berner
  • Language:Swedish
  • Plot:

    Olle, an introverted, well-mannered boy with an air of innocence and sincerity about him has been camping with his father at the same camping ground with several other people for years now. A sort of tradition that ends in a karaoke party. Then one summer, a family friend brings her reticent 'city boy' nephew, Kevin, and his pet budgerigar. Olle accidentally releases the bird and what follows is a discovery of friendship and love between the guy who has grown up in a loving environment and simply accepts love for what it is and the guy who's apparently been burned too many times in his own circle to feel comfortable with it.

    - Written by Oblivion
  • Rating: (562 votes)




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