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Erwin Olaf – Wet from Bernstein Andriulli on Vimeo.


In a large open and light shower room a boy is washing himself, posing like he is acting in a shower gel commercial. With exaggerated movements, his hands slide all over his skin with the foam pouring plentifully down his body, as if this scene sprang from someone else’s imagination. Perhaps it is the erotic daydream of the woman who suddenly enters the room, dressed from top to toe. Slowly she comes closer, takes off her sunglasses, watching him tensely. The boy is still unaware of her presence, and is completely immersed in his own action. The camera alternately follows her eyes and hands and the flowing movements of the naked body behind the curtain of splashing water. Then she unbuttons her coat; he notices her presence and she slowly comes closer. In the minute that follows, Erwin Olaf builds up the visual and physical tension, making you, as the viewer, become involved with the two protagonists. Watch at your own risk !
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