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Gay short movies
Two Birds in A Cage (2021) a short film by Harry Weston

Two Birds in A Cage (2021) a short film by Harry Weston

When the pressure of a homophobic town and family weighs too heavily on the shoulders of a young gay man, ...
Eden (2021) - A Modern Retelling of Adam and Eve's Tale directed by Tavo Ruiz

Eden (2021) – A Modern Retelling of Adam and Eve’s Tale directed by Tavo Ruiz

Eden is the queer re-tale of Adam and Eve’s story in modern times. A visually striking story about first love ...
The Places We Won't Walk (2022): A Heartfelt Short Film by Adam Tyree

The Places We Won’t Walk (2022): A Heartfelt Short Film by Adam Tyree

When Trevor and his partner James are presented with a great opportunity, Trevor must decide whether to damage their relationship, ...
Khol (open) - 2018: a short film by Faroukh Virani

Khol (open) – 2018: a short film by Faroukh Virani

An estranged son, Vijay, must return to his small hometown in New Mexico after ten years to confront his family ...
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Last updated on 05 March 2019

Denied (2004)

96 min|Drama, Romance|27 Jul 2004
4.9Rating: 4.9 / 10 from 634 usersMetascore: N/A
Troy, a recent high school graduate, is in love with his best friend Merrick, but Merrick isn’t willing to be in a relationship with him. Troy is forced to deal with Merrick’s selfishness, his own aching heart, and his unfulfilling life.


Author: vampirepirate from United KingdomIMDB

It’s a shame the production is somewhat student-y and that some of the dialogue is muffled and inaudible, because this is a film that rings true. Two straight-acting friends, a hunk and a dropout, move in together, and we slowly start to piece together just what kind of relationship they have – which is appropriate, since they don’t appear to know either. This is what I liked best about this film – no neat resolutions, no flashes of insight, just a realistic and sometimes painful muddle of emotions and situations that have to be dealt with as best as can be, which usually isn’t very well at all. That’s certainly been my experience of dealing with sexuality, outside of the commercial gay ghetto anyway – real-life grappling with queer issues isn’t neatly resolved in three acts and buying a Pride T-shirt doesn’t make it all better. So this is definitely worth seeing, if you’re not expecting Dolby stereo and answers to all your questions.

Troy: I care about you. More than friends. More than just friends, Merrick.
Merrick: I know.
Troy: Why can’t we kiss? Huh? I mean, why is it that we can do everything else but we can’t kiss? I mean, do you know how many times we’ve had these late night sexual things? Cause I don’t. Merrick, this is major. I’ve lost count.
Merrick: Yeah, I have too man, but, maybe I don’t care as much as you do. You’re in denial, Troy, you’re in denial.
Troy: You sucked my dick, you’re in denial.

Troy se popularni momak, sportista, koji je tek završio srednju školu i zaljubljen je u Merricka koji odbija vezu sa njim.

Treba li se trošiti na nekoga ko još nije spreman priznati svoju seksualnost ili ne?

Scena iz filma kada je Merrick nakon što je Troyu popušio kurac i imao seks sa njim rekao da nije gay me je podsjetila na jednog momka iz Crne Gore sa kojim sam je jedno vrijeme družio. Naše druženje je više ličilo na obično str8 prijateljstvo, zajedno smo muvali ribe, izlazili u grad, išli na utakmice ili se jednostavno dosadjivali za vrijeme dosadnih bokeških kiša.

Ono što je to prijateljstvo izdvajalo od ostalih je seks koji smo upražnjavali vrlo često na različitim mjestima. Osjetimo da nam se hoće, popušimo jedan drugom i izjebemo se. Naravno bez ljubljenja.

Jednom sam ga baš kao i Troy u ovom filmu pitao zašto ne voli da se ljubi? Zaprepašteno mi je rekao ” Pa mi nismo pederi da se ljubimo!”

Bio sam zbunjen kako  poljubiti muškarca znači da si peder, a trpanje u bulju ne?!  Tek nekoliko godina kasnije sam shvatio!

Film je jako loše napravljen, pun očajnih i nepovezanih dijaloga, ali bez obzira na to može se pogledati.

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