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Gay short movies
Two Birds in A Cage (2021) a short film by Harry Weston

Two Birds in A Cage (2021) a short film by Harry Weston

When the pressure of a homophobic town and family weighs too heavily on the shoulders of a young gay man, ...
Eden (2021) - A Modern Retelling of Adam and Eve's Tale directed by Tavo Ruiz

Eden (2021) – A Modern Retelling of Adam and Eve’s Tale directed by Tavo Ruiz

Eden is the queer re-tale of Adam and Eve’s story in modern times. A visually striking story about first love ...
The Places We Won't Walk (2022): A Heartfelt Short Film by Adam Tyree

The Places We Won’t Walk (2022): A Heartfelt Short Film by Adam Tyree

When Trevor and his partner James are presented with a great opportunity, Trevor must decide whether to damage their relationship, ...
Khol (open) - 2018: a short film by Faroukh Virani

Khol (open) – 2018: a short film by Faroukh Virani

An estranged son, Vijay, must return to his small hometown in New Mexico after ten years to confront his family ...
Home » Porcelain – Eyes on You

The song ‘Eyes on You’ is by Australian experimental pop band ‘Porcelain’ featuring Neil Beadie, Alex Kiers, Maeve Parker and Dominic Byrne. The vocals are by prominent member of the Sydney queer community Neil Beadie.

Male rage and toxic violent behaviour is still rife within Australian culture. The idea of subverting a violent scene and turning it into something beautiful struck a chord with us. Based on this core idea, and our own experiences growing up in an often bigoted and homophobic Aussie country town, we developed a story about groups of teenage boys expected to prove their manhood through violence.

Through the eyes of one boy we show the angst and fear he feels in the lead up to an organised fight. While most boys put on a tough act when fighting or in front of their mates – we wanted to convey just how secretly terrifying the experience can be. Added to this our main character is in the midst of trying to make sense of his own sexuality, his feelings, and whether he belongs in this volatile environment.

Eyes on You challenges the traditional Aussie male stereotype and explores the growing conflict in young men regarding masculinity, identity and sexuality.

The music video is Directed by Sydney based brothers Adam & Alex Kiers, collaborating with cinematographer Chris Miles, Choreographer Kate MacDonald and Producer Emily Morrison.

Lead Boy: Jackson Jansen
Lead Opponent: Jordan Anthony

Back up dancers:
Lukas Rose
Thuba Ndibali
Robert Mejica
Elijah Shipp
Andii Huynh

Directors: Adam & Alex Kiers
Producer: Emily Morrison
Cinematographer: Chris Miles
Choreographer: Kate MacDonald
Steadicam: Damien King
Wardrobe: Harry Pickering
Grip: Paul Mcaellef
Gaffer: Russell Fewtrell
1st AC: Jeff Truong
2nd AC: Zenshi
Edit: Adam Kiers, byron, Chris Miles
Colourist: Matt Fezz

Locked Up
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