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En el mismo equipo (2014)



Directors: Bonzo Villegas, Carlos Vilaró Nadal
Writers: Bonzo Villegas
Genre: Short Movie
Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish
Duration: 21 min
Year: 2014



Stars: Pablo Delgado, Verónica Paz, Marcos Zerda, Emiliano Monteros, Pola Schiavone, Santiago Gallo, Juan María Juárez, Enzo Torasso, Beatriz Morán


En El Mismo Equipo (On The Same Team, in English) is about the mixed feelings of a young rugby player. He tries to keep in the secret that he is gay, due to conformity mostly, but he struggles with it almost everyday. He longs to be free, but what exactly is freedom to the young man? He isn’t so sure himself.





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