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My_Queer_Samsara-2010-My Queer Samsara (2010)


Director: Mazen Khaled
Writer: Mazen Khaled
Genre: Short movie
Country: Canada
Year: 2010
Duration: 11 min

Stars: Sebastien Blais and Marc Pelletier






Premiered at the Rotterdam International Film Festival 2010, screened at Cork International Film Festival 2011. “In My Queer Samsara, I set out to discover what is perceived, a stereotype, and to dig vertically down from that stereotype in order to uncover an underlying feeling about who we really are beneath the appearance in relation to that moment.” “My Queer Samsara is a critical look at a constructed social identity that hides underneath it a gnawing want; a need to ‘go back home’…”


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