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Week-end à la campagne (2007)

Director: Matthieu Salmon
Writers: Sionann O’Neill, Matthieu Salmon
Genre: Short Movie
Country: France
Duration:17 min
Year: 2007

Stars: Jean-Claude Dumas, Théo Frilet and Pierre Moure







Two boys visit the one’s cottage for the weekend. The guest has a fear of dogs we learn as soon as they appear on screen at the house. With a hint of something repressed – that appears as a flash of a female body on the ground, covered in blood, as Theo (the guest) imagines from his room upstairs, where he watches the dogs stroll by.

Shall the boys go for a swim at the pool? Theo changes in the bathroom, his friend comes in and touches erotically his chest, Theo rebuffs him – he then hesitantly tries to join him at the pool, and after his friend assures him the dogs are locked and takes some steps, the dogs attack him, to, finally, no harm.

But shocked, we gather, he decides to leave. His friend whispers at the train’s window as it leaves, “Faggot..”

Was it revenge? Repressed lust? Or something like a shared secret, that reads like a crime, perhaps inverted, in Theo’s imagination? The way he imperceptibly, uneasily swallows his saliva after the f-word is pronounced, makes him in a way more guilty than the other boy.





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