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Battlefield (I) (2012)

Director: Tim Marshall
Writer: Tim Marshall
Genre: Short film
Country: Australia
Language: English
Duration: 9 min
Year: 2012

Stars: Alex Duncan, Heath Miller


Battlefield’ follows two young men as they embark on a one night stand. Both have different understandings of the situation and they struggle to realise the true connection they both long for.

‘Battlefield’ explores the way we look for love in our modern world, and how we often wish, and sometimes convince ourselves, we’ve found it.

Battlefield has screened at over 15 film festivals worldwide and was shortlisted for the prestigious 2012 Iris Prize.

Battlefield (2012)

  • Runtime:9 minutes

  • Actors:
    Young Man
    Alex Duncan
    Older Man
    Heath Miller

  • Rating: (5 votes)




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